22 February 2014

Excessive Pride
Saturday, February 22, 2014

Excessive Pride

I've seen and met a lot of men who brags about how brave they are, how daring they are, how they would handle situations if they have the authority to do so, how they would beat the hell up people who go against them and etc. But more often that not, their character does not live up to what they were bragging about - usually quite the opposite.

I'm a very simple person who believe in 1 thing. If you can't handle the smallest of things in your daily life, you can't handle anything at all. So, stop bragging about how good you are and how good you can be.

Real men are those who can get the most miniscule job done. Even washing your own cup counts!

Don't waste your energy telling me how you can manage a business when you can't even pay the phone bills ON TIME every month.

Don't waste your energy telling me how brave you are, you can swear and fight off road bully when you can't even pull yourself together at the sight of a smallest drop of blood.

Don't waste my time telling me how GREAT and MANLY you can be when you can't even get hold of a waiter in a busy Chinese restaurant - your very timid voice whispering "ex..cuse me..." pisses me off more than anything in the world! Man up!

All talk and very little action makes you close to wimpy girl..... -lor! You can say and brag about anything you want but sorry, you aren't getting any respect from me.

Brag brag brag brag macam sam-seng!

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