19 April 2016

Keeping it to yourself
Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Keeping it to yourself

So a colleague was ranting about work today and randomly disclosed her salary figure and much to my surprise, isn't anywhere near mine *shocked level 99*

Not knowing what or how to respond, I just remained silent and continue listening to her stories but can't help thinking inside my head - hmm.. we have the same title, same workload, same job scopes, same responsibilities , but I'm obviously 'overpaid' in comparison.

( I did, for a second, starts questioning myself if I deserve to be paid slightly higher; have I done enough to justify the pay? But heck, reality took over the very next second and I went 'well.. Life is unfair!' )

Yes of course that's not my fault (it's not right?), but it did made me feel bad and sorry for her in certain ways. Boooo... I hate talking about salaries!

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