05 July 2016

Beep... Beep...
Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Beep... Beep...

If there's anything such as a daily mood data, mine would probably look like an electrocardiograph of a heart beat.. 

Up, down, spikes up, spikes down, up, down, interval...

Let's break these down:

[ Up ]
Waking up in the morning feeling fresh, with a good hot shower and able to have a hot cuppa before heading for work.

[ Down ]
Usually anxiety, caused by physical problems such difficulty in breathing, lack of energy and muscle aches. Other reason likely to be - unexpected load of incoming jobs in the office >.<

[ Spikes up ]
Happy moments when I listen to my favorite songs/ have silly talks with friends/ don't give a damn about what I eat (as opposed to restricting my protein intake).

[ Spikes down ]
Usually stress, caused by uncertainties and overthinking ie: thinking and magnifying unresolved problems esp. during shower/ night/ bed time. Yes, I tend to overthink a lot.. Other reason likely to be - bad conversation with people around/ argued unnecessarily. 

[ Interval ]
Zone out hours. An accumulative of sleeping time, tv time and point blank moments (usually happens after the overthinking process).

So many feels in a day. Am I complicating things or is that a norm? I hope I'm not going crazy anytime soon, or am I?

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