03 July 2016

Just a little Down
Sunday, July 03, 2016

Just a little Down

I know very little of the movie 'Me Before You'. A love story, they said. Some cried.

Well, I cried a little.

*Spoilers ahead*

Not at the fact that Lou couldn't be with Will. But because Will (paralyzed) made a decision to end his life through the help of a Swiss-based suicidal organization. He made a choice for himself. A way that makes him feel like, better, being himself and in control.

My eyes were teary when Lou tries to make a bucket of wish list in hope to change Will's decision by making him appreciate his life, that life is worth living and be happy. It could work, but it's never gonna be the same. It's true what Will said, it could never feel the same, it's not the real him.

I can relate to Will's intention.

Really shouldn't have watched this. Mood level dropped by 90% at time of writing. *feeling down*

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