18 August 2013

Location check in
Sunday, August 18, 2013

Location check in

I recently added the Twitter widget and Facebook RSS feed onto my blog. Pretty simple I must say. Then this brilliant mind of mine came up with an absolutely weird idea of adding my Foursquare feed as well. Uh, technically I don't see much of a point and its not like I wanted to be stalked about. And with the safety of Malaysia going down these days, actually it is better to hide your whereabouts.

BUT, that is not the point. I went on to look for the Foursquare feed anyway thinking it would be as easy as copy pasting the feed, just for the fun of it. To my surprise, blogger doesn't recognize the RSS URL from Foursquare - it kept returning as an invalid URL. Is it because blogger is trying to protect the user's privacy? Not bad, if that is the case, but would appreciate if they at least let us know so.

Hmm, does anyone know of the reason? Do you? Do you? Let me know if you happen to know the reason :)

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