23 April 2016

No crying for boys
Saturday, April 23, 2016

No crying for boys

I used to talk about how I cried over J-dramas or any movies that deeply touches me. The truth is I only cried like pigs whenever I'm alone. Yes, I don't cry over movies or tv series in front of my family; there's tears of course but I'll try to hold it.

There's just something about having to stay and look emotionally strong in front of them. I'm not saying crying is a sign of emotionally weak but you know how it's always or tend to be associated as such. Perhaps it's the kind of upbringing in my family - boys or men of the (insert family surname here) has gotta be tough, rugged, buffed, macho, masculine.

Hmm.. Old-fashioned.

Sometimes I envy the females who can just freely cry out loud over any touching stories they watched or heard without having to be seen as weirdos. I bet if I'm to weep when watching movies with my siblings or cousins, they'd think I am crazy. Hurhurhurhur...

But yeah, that makes me a cry baby in the 'closet'. LOL (if u get what I mean). I also get goosebumps easily - which technically means I'm easily moved. I get goosebumps mostly from song lyrics these days. They said it's a sign of aging. When you were young, you simply listen to the melody and sing along to the song without truly making sense of the lyrics. And when you finally do, that's when your mind absorbs the true meaning of the story, touches your heart and gave you goosebumps; accompanied (or not) with a smile.. All of a sudden, the song you so often used to hum along to turns meaningful, you actually freaked out not noticing it's true beauty before this.

Silly hoo-mans!

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