22 April 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016


This is a great day to be a good day.

The above statement comes from the predictive functionality of an iPhone keyboard. All I typed was the first word - 'This'. I was actually hoping it would create an actual sentence but all it did was repeating "is a great a day to be a good day" (I was expecting something - a story of some sort, that would be awesome...). Guess I over estimated the predictive function. Lol..

Is being predictable something yay or nay? Being predictable could mean those around you know you well enough they were able to predict your every steps based on their understanding of you. A good thing I suppose.. The downside of this could also mean, you are boring, unadventurous and constantly taking the same route, your every steps are ... well uhm, predictable. Hmm.. Sounds negative already eh?

I am not one who fancy the idea of predicting things; events, people, situations etc. Too much effort and not worth killing my already depleting brain cells thinking of outcomes that would come by naturally. Hence I DO NOT LIKE TO PREDICT what's gonna happen next in a movie / tv series!!!

Yes, this is in fact a rant post. All because my mom keeps on predicting what's gonna happen next while watching tv series ( I don't understand, why can't she just sit down and watch quietly? ) The story will eventually unfold and unveil itself right? Grrrr....!!

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