26 June 2016

BKK Virgin
Sunday, June 26, 2016

BKK Virgin

First time ever in Thailand. First experience of Bangkok. No, I did not do anything a regular tourist would. It is to be a relaxing trip - or rather just a trip to visit a friend who happens to be staying there, thechaoskun.

I like it here. Can't tell because of the warm hospitality provided by chaoskun or simply because I just love the city. Maybe it's both. Either way, I'll definitely return to BKK.

What we did :

1) watched 7 movies over the span of 3 nights in BKK, 2 of which are at the local cinema. First time experiencing upper class cinema with bed - courtesy of chaoskun. Gotta love it !

2) malls along Sukhumvit. If I remember correctly, I was there at EmQuartier, Emporium, Central Embassy, Terminal 21 and Siam Paragon. And I now know where Mega Bangna, Erawan, GaySorn are. And knowing where to spot for them riding the BTS lol.

3) Pray at Wat Hua Lampong, and Erawan Shrine. And experiencing how it feels like donating MYR1k to a temple, thanks to rich Yunko (the Good Samaritan).

4) Nope, not (entirely) Thai food. But a variety of other cuisines. I called this the Swarm tour - the places chaoskun checked in to his Swarm on his usual days :D . We had Thai , HK style cafe, Taiwanese food, Chinese food, fast food ie. MOS burger. LMAO - who said u need to travel the globe to try different cuisines?

5) finally get to learn how to use : chai, yen, Neng geao, song geao, check bin, krub, Khob khun (Na) krub.. Etc etc simply Thai lol

oh NOW I remember why I like BKK - must be all those cute guys around XD . Darn it!

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