06 June 2016

Seriously Mr. Wilson?
Monday, June 06, 2016

Seriously Mr. Wilson?

Dude, you are confusing as fwaak.. I remember seeing you in CONJURING then you saved your son from hell, then your family saved you ... Okay wait, so that's INSIDIOUS and INSIDIOUS 2. I got the movie names mixed up..

Then what the fwakk is CONJURING !? ..*stares at The Conjuring movie poster* - okay so it was the tree thingy I vaguely remember there's something not dead at the bottom of the cellar (rite? Rite?) .. You were there, but I also remember seeing Annabelle there... But wait that's CONJURING, not ANNABELLE.. You weren't in ANNABELLE ..

ANNABELLE's the one with the wife obsessed over human puppets and the busybody black woman librarian rite ? Rite?

So, which is CONJURING again? Shoots.. Guess I'll have to re-watch all of em' to make this work.

Not to mention there's also the upcoming CONJURING 2. Gee....

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