15 August 2013

England lessons
Thursday, August 15, 2013

England lessons

Bliss is migrating to Down South ! But before that, she needs to sit for IELTS in some posh hotel.. yeah, sounds weird... English exams in a hotel.. pffttt~~! She's aiming to get a score of 7/7/7/7 - that is to say, 7/10 for speech, 7/10 for writing, 7/10 for reading, 7/10 for listening. Actually it sounds quite hard. So I went online and did some sample IELTS questions. And here's my verdict:

Is relatively simple. Bliss shouldn't have much problem with this. The tricky part is, the audio would only be played once, so you must memorize the questions and get the answers correctly. Nothing big.

Shouldn't be a problem either. You are expected to converse in a specific topic like where you are from and what's your past time hobby etc.

Is similar to what we have for SPM. Read an article and answer questions based on the article. Just gotta stay focus while answering. Shouldn't be too hard-ler.

This should be, by far, the most difficult. It could be a graph, a chart, a scenario and you are expected to write what you see accordingly. Pretty much like our rumusan. This, you gotta be real meticulous and steady bom-pit-pit while writing. Understand what it is, find out the key points and you're ready to rumbooo..

Total time to take on all these shitz: 3 hours 30 minutes. Sounds pretty tiring huh?

All the best to Bliss. and ALLLLLLL the almighty goodness oh-my-gawd good luck to Bliss' hubby, Briyani.

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