08 March 2015

Recently, mom took a snapshot of us (me, bro and sis-in-law) playing mahjong in our most hideous outfit and expression and uploaded it to Facebook, tagging us along the way.

Naturally, I told her off because of obvious reason:
  1. we don't look good
  2. we don't look good
  3. we don't look good (and we were obviously gambling, hur hur hur)
Mom being mom, she goes all , "It is nice-maa... nothing wrong with the photo-wat~"

Fast forward couple of days later, she eventually got a taste of her own medicine when my bro decided to snap, upload and tag a photo of mom dozing off like a pig - hur hur hur... (this was 2 days ago)

That's when she went berserk, complaining and yelling every day/hour/minute/second that it was such a horrible photo, there goes her reputation, blah blah blah yada yada yada ...... until now~! Gee... how touchy...


Now . You . Know  :D
Social Presence for Moms 101
Sunday, March 08, 2015

Social Presence for Moms 101

07 March 2015

20 grams of meat protein in a single day

That's the number I need to remember. 20 grams divided by 3 portions (3 meals a day), thats roughly about 6 to 7g of meat protein I can take per meal (which is about the size of a matchbox OR the portion of 1 whole egg). I roughly checked through some sites and it seems like every 100g of meat gives a +/- 20g of protein. That's like 1 and a 1/2 chicken drumstick IN ONE FWAKING DAY! Oh dear, that's very little... (order KFC Snack Plate also gotta think twice now.. eeeks)..

I have been cutting down alot of meat in my meals for the past 1 week - replaced with either more carbs, snacks in between or fruits and vegetables to fill in my extremely hungry stomach.. which sadly doesn't really help! It is just not satisfying! I just realized that I am more carnivorous than I thought... *sobs* I might as well turn vegetarian

Suddenly, KFC became my worst enemy~
Suddenly, mata kerbau doesn't sound appealing anymore...
Suddenly, I have to bid farewell to beancurd... (no more agedashi tofu)

and MOTHER of ALL SUDDENLY-s, roti kosong became my favorite choice of supper...

20 grams.. hmm...
Cutting down on protein
Saturday, March 07, 2015

Cutting down on protein

18 September 2014

Was at Burger King the other day and this caught my attention.. 

I wonder who did the translation. How on earth is "INGAT" = "THINK" ... and 'keep Lock Always' is just classic! Does that mean I have to carry and keep a lock in my pocket all the time?  I also like how they keep the 'k' from 'keep' as lowercase while 'L' and 'A' from 'Lock Always' get the uppercase treatment. LOL it made it sound like I have to keep a person named  'Lock Always'..

 Burger King, you are just so so cute..

Rethink your intention...
Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rethink your intention...

23 May 2014

How do you guys pronounce 'Pistachio'?

I always thought it is pronounced as 'Pees-ta-CHEE-oh' ... until Natalie Tran proved me wrong in her latest video as 'Pees-ta-KEY-oh'. So I google up the word and 'OMGWTFBBQ! it IS pronounced as 'KEY-oh' .... I've gotten it wrong all these years. Eeeks, so embarassing..

But it does make ALOT of sense now reading it as 'Pees-ta-KEY-oh'. Just like macchiato - 'ma-KEY-ah-toe'. Italians..... LOL

And then today, I read a post on FB and apparently 'hiccup' isn't really spelled that way. It is 'hiccough' but the '-ough' pronounced as 'up'. Funny Funny English.. According to wiki, '-ough' has up to TEN(10) pronunciations.

/ʌf/ enough, hough, rough, slough, tough

/ɒf~ɔːf/ cough, trough
/aʊ/ bough, drought, plough
/oʊ/ dough, furlough, though
/ɔː/ bought, brought, ought, sought, thought, wrought
/uː/ brougham, slough, through
/ə/ borough, thorough
/ʌp/ hiccough
/ɒk/ hough
/ɒx/ lough

And to think we use these words everyday... I didn't even realized they are all read differently.

Read it! Say it out!
Friday, May 23, 2014

Read it! Say it out!

12 May 2014







Monday, May 12, 2014


07 March 2014

SHO-JO-JI (The Hungry Raccoon)

Sho, Sho, Sho-jo-ji / Sho-jo-ji is a raccoon
He is always hungry / So he sings of koi koi koi
He will rub his head and tummy / Rub head and rub tum tum
Macaroons and macaroni / Jelly beans and pink spumoni
Koi koi koi, koi koi koi / All he says is koi koi koi

Sho, Sho, Sho-jo-ji / Sho-jo-ji is a raccoon
He is always hungry / So he sings of koi koi koi
Always a-hungry, very hungry / That's why he sings of koi
Always Hungry (like me)
Friday, March 07, 2014

Always Hungry (like me)

22 February 2014

I've seen and met a lot of men who brags about how brave they are, how daring they are, how they would handle situations if they have the authority to do so, how they would beat the hell up people who go against them and etc. But more often that not, their character does not live up to what they were bragging about - usually quite the opposite.

I'm a very simple person who believe in 1 thing. If you can't handle the smallest of things in your daily life, you can't handle anything at all. So, stop bragging about how good you are and how good you can be.

Real men are those who can get the most miniscule job done. Even washing your own cup counts!

Don't waste your energy telling me how you can manage a business when you can't even pay the phone bills ON TIME every month.

Don't waste your energy telling me how brave you are, you can swear and fight off road bully when you can't even pull yourself together at the sight of a smallest drop of blood.

Don't waste my time telling me how GREAT and MANLY you can be when you can't even get hold of a waiter in a busy Chinese restaurant - your very timid voice whispering "ex..cuse me..." pisses me off more than anything in the world! Man up!

All talk and very little action makes you close to wimpy girl..... -lor! You can say and brag about anything you want but sorry, you aren't getting any respect from me.

Brag brag brag brag macam sam-seng!
Excessive Pride
Saturday, February 22, 2014

Excessive Pride

One should not simply use statement like:

"OK-lor, since all of you said that, ok-lor. Can-lor!"

It sounds really aggressive, as though we're forcing you to agree on things. And the fact that you're saying that in a high pitch tone with that fucked-up-face is absolutely annoying. C'mon, if you have something to say, by all means, say it out loud. Let your concerns be heard!

I really hate people who has alot to comment but gives no solution. If you can't accept something, give alternatives, be honest and say it in a way that everyone can comprehend. Tell us what do you think, why don't you think it's a good to do so. Not just ' OK - lor ' . Why do you think we asked you for your opinion in the first place? Because your opinion matters!

And when everyone gets frustrated over your passive aggressive ' OK - lor ' , you start raising your voice and in turn asking us why we were sighing and giving you the shitty look. Seriously, have you no sense at all?

Seriously, -lor!
Saturday, February 22, 2014

Seriously, -lor!

06 February 2014

あまりよくないのか。 ちょっと悲しかった。 

Thursday, February 06, 2014


27 January 2014

What I experienced:
  • iTunes kept cancelling my iPhone Wi-Fi sync
  • iTunes couldn't detect my iPhone over USB cable
  • iPhone kept asking me to 'trust' my computer
What I did:
  •  Re-installed iTunes
What happened next:
  • iPhone no longer asking me to 'trust' my computer
  • iTunes finally detected my iPhone over USB cable
  • iTunes continue to cancel my iPhone sync (both Wi-Fi and USB sync)
What I did:
  • Sync new songs 1 at a time and see which causes the problem
What happened next:
  • As predicted, 1 of the new songs seem to be the problem
What I did:
  • Removed the Album Artwork from the faulty song file
What finally happened:
  • Finally got to sync all new songs

iTunes. I didn't know you have preferences over album artwork.
Cancelling sync
Monday, January 27, 2014

Cancelling sync