18 September 2014

Rethink your intention...

Was at Burger King the other day and this caught my attention.. 

I wonder who did the translation. How on earth is "INGAT" = "THINK" ... and 'keep Lock Always' is just classic! Does that mean I have to carry and keep a lock in my pocket all the time?  I also like how they keep the 'k' from 'keep' as lowercase while 'L' and 'A' from 'Lock Always' get the uppercase treatment. LOL it made it sound like I have to keep a person named  'Lock Always'..

 Burger King, you are just so so cute..

23 May 2014

Read it! Say it out!

How do you guys pronounce 'Pistachio'?

I always thought it is pronounced as 'Pees-ta-CHEE-oh' ... until Natalie Tran proved me wrong in her latest video as 'Pees-ta-KEY-oh'. So I google up the word and 'OMGWTFBBQ! it IS pronounced as 'KEY-oh' .... I've gotten it wrong all these years. Eeeks, so embarassing..

But it does make ALOT of sense now reading it as 'Pees-ta-KEY-oh'. Just like macchiato - 'ma-KEY-ah-toe'. Italians..... LOL

And then today, I read a post on FB and apparently 'hiccup' isn't really spelled that way. It is 'hiccough' but the '-ough' pronounced as 'up'. Funny Funny English.. According to wiki, '-ough' has up to TEN(10) pronunciations.

/ʌf/ enough, hough, rough, slough, tough

/ɒf~ɔːf/ cough, trough
/aʊ/ bough, drought, plough
/oʊ/ dough, furlough, though
/ɔː/ bought, brought, ought, sought, thought, wrought
/uː/ brougham, slough, through
/ə/ borough, thorough
/ʌp/ hiccough
/ɒk/ hough
/ɒx/ lough

And to think we use these words everyday... I didn't even realized they are all read differently.

12 May 2014