27 January 2014

Cancelling sync
Monday, January 27, 2014

Cancelling sync

What I experienced:
  • iTunes kept cancelling my iPhone Wi-Fi sync
  • iTunes couldn't detect my iPhone over USB cable
  • iPhone kept asking me to 'trust' my computer
What I did:
  •  Re-installed iTunes
What happened next:
  • iPhone no longer asking me to 'trust' my computer
  • iTunes finally detected my iPhone over USB cable
  • iTunes continue to cancel my iPhone sync (both Wi-Fi and USB sync)
What I did:
  • Sync new songs 1 at a time and see which causes the problem
What happened next:
  • As predicted, 1 of the new songs seem to be the problem
What I did:
  • Removed the Album Artwork from the faulty song file
What finally happened:
  • Finally got to sync all new songs

iTunes. I didn't know you have preferences over album artwork.

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