22 February 2014

Seriously, -lor!
Saturday, February 22, 2014

Seriously, -lor!

One should not simply use statement like:

"OK-lor, since all of you said that, ok-lor. Can-lor!"

It sounds really aggressive, as though we're forcing you to agree on things. And the fact that you're saying that in a high pitch tone with that fucked-up-face is absolutely annoying. C'mon, if you have something to say, by all means, say it out loud. Let your concerns be heard!

I really hate people who has alot to comment but gives no solution. If you can't accept something, give alternatives, be honest and say it in a way that everyone can comprehend. Tell us what do you think, why don't you think it's a good to do so. Not just ' OK - lor ' . Why do you think we asked you for your opinion in the first place? Because your opinion matters!

And when everyone gets frustrated over your passive aggressive ' OK - lor ' , you start raising your voice and in turn asking us why we were sighing and giving you the shitty look. Seriously, have you no sense at all?

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