01 June 2016

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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Continue [ Y/N ]

And so, I brought up the matter and decided to openly discuss the options and consequences to my current condition - just to get all the facts and input correctly. I want and I feel there's a need to gather all possible factors that may/may not affect my decision (in a quite literal way - a life or death decision).

To sum it all up, it's really a game of EMOTIONAL vs. FUNCTIONAL .

Currently, I don't feel like fighting on. Fighting on only means extending emotional pain, depression and sufferings, which honestly I grew tired of. So, this is the emotional aspect of the decision.

Fighting on, on a positive note, may also mean prolonging life span and being functional (just doing what I'm doing now) for another few more years and hoping for a miracle thereafter. This is the functional aspect of the decision.

Was given a month or so to think over this. My current thoughts? I don't feel like going on. I'm not a Duracell bunny. I need to stop somewhere sometime soon. And I'm feeling this should be it.

Yep, I have had enough.

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